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Musik für junge Leute vom 02.07.1984
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01ExposureInstitution03:46Institution 12"Statik
02The Nightingales The Crunch04:40Pigs on PurposeVondaloo
03The MoodistsThirsty´s Calling05:20Thirsty´s CallingRed Flame
04Nick CaveWings Off Flies04:05From Her To EternityMute
05Einstürzende NeubautenZeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.03:23Zeichnungen Des Patienten O.T.Rough Trade
06EP-4Zoy04:37Lingua Franca EPAtelier Peyutl
07Minimal Compact Deadly Weapons04:19Deadly WeaponsRiskant
08Blaine L. Reiniger Birthday Song04:10Windy OutsideLes Disques du Crépuscule
09Indians In MoscowIndians In Moscow03:02Storyland: Demos and Strays 1981-1984Grace
10Under ForImagine Focus05:12Apparently All The SameGry
1110,000 ManiacsTension04:00Secrets of the I ChingChristian Burial Music
12The ChameleonsHere Today03:58Script Of The BridgeBase
13Television PersonalitiesThe Crying Room01:59...And Don´t the Kids Just Love ItRough Trade
14Television PersonalitiesSense Of Belonging05:11The Painted WordIlluminated
15Billy BraggA New England02:00Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo! Discs
16Billy BraggLover´s Town Revisited01:05Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo! Discs

Nachtclub: No Wave vom 06.07.1984


Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label
01Kevin CoynePeople03:25Millionaires and Teddy BearsVirgin

Musik für junge Leute vom 16.07.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label
01Silent RunningHome Is Where The Heart Is03:58Shades Of LibertyEMI
02Silent RunningEmotional Warfare 05:10Shades Of LibertyEMI
03Artery A Big Machine04:55A Big Machine 7"Golden Dawn
04ChromeTrip The Switch05:33Into the Eyes of the Zombie KingMosquito
05Frigidaire TangoVanity Fair04:05Frigidaire Tango 12"Pick-Up
06Persona Non GrataLacerados Hombres04:38Our Shade Of SinL´Invitation au suicide
07A Popular History of SignsHouse03:15House 7"Jungle
08Television PersonalitiesStop And Smell The Roses03:50The Painted WordIlluminated
09El Grito AcusadorSomos Punks01:55Domestic Sampler UMYUUmyu
10Under ForForm06:14Apparently All the SameGry
11Band ApartMarseille06:13MarseilleCrammed
12Blue SoundDame De Coeur03:20Nouvelle CreatureNew Rose
13Art & TechniqueWaka-Waka03:30Diabolus In MecanicaHigh-Tech
14John GreavesPhotography03:50Accident Europa
15Marc AlmondJoey Demento05:00Vermin in ErmineSome Bizarre

Musik für junge Leute vom 30.07.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label
01Skeletal FamilyLies03:30RecollectRed Rhino
02Silent RunningCrimson Days03:57Shades Of LibertyEMI
03Jeremy´s SecretMother´s Lover02:39The Snowball EffectDeep
04Violent FemmesCountry Death Song05:02Hallowed GroundSlash
05Green On RedBlue Parade04:30Gravity TalksSlash
06King Sunny Adé and His African BeatsAse03:34AuraIsland
07Adams FamilyWar Town05:00Four For OneADI
08Indians In MoscowThe Bleak Industrial Gits03:42The Bleak Industrial Gits 7"Kennick
09NadjmaKoolish Baared (Your Heart Is So Cold)03:50Rapture In BaghdadCrammed
10Under ForMeanwhile06:45Apparently All The SameGry
11BeforeA Wish Of Life05:00A Wish Of LifeIRMG
12The FallOh! Brother04:30The Wonderful and Frightening World of The FallBeggar´s Banquet
13Marc Riley with the CreepersEarwig O´Dowd04:00Gross OutIn Tape
14Zanti MisfitzLaugh In05:00Heroe´s Are Go!Plate