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Sendung vom 05.01.1984

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01The NamesCalcutta 03:00Calcutta 7"Factory
02Eyeless In Gaza Seven Years02:15Photographs as MemoriesCherry
03Play Dead Time04:00The First Flower Jungle Freud
04Choir InvisibleQuiet Place03:10Choir InvisibleFrontier
05ChromeOut Of Reach03:20Read Only MemoryDon´t Fall Off The Mountain
07Sun Ra And His Outer Space ArkestraNuclear War07:40A Fireside Chat with LuciferSaturn Research
08M.B.Auschwitz03:50Symphony For A GenocideSterile
09Psychic TV Hymn 2300:41Dreams Less SweetSome Bizarre
10Psychic TV The Orchids03:00Dreams Less SweetSome Bizarre
11Virginia Astley Summer Of Their Dreams 03:05From Gardens Where We Feel SecureRough Trade
12Ivor Cutler, Linda HirstHome Is The Sailor01:45PrivilegeRough Trade
13The Raincoats Dreaming In The Past 04:30MovingRough Trade
14Fun Boy ThreeThings We Do03:35WaitingAriola
15PlaygroupGoing Overdrawn06:20Epic Sound Battles Chapter TwoCherry
16Minimal CompactInvocation (For Things To Come)03:15One By OneCrammed
17Television Personalities I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives02:32...And Don´t the Kids Just Love ItRough Trade
18The AlarmThe Stand03:40DeclarationCBS

Sendung vom 19.01.1984

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01BlitzHusk03:00Solar 7"Future
02Vice SquadBlack Sheep02:36Shot AwayAnagram
03Vice SquadLast Rockers 04:15No Cause for Concern Riot City
04The Jazz ButcherSouthern Mark Smith03:25A Scandal in BohemiaGlass
05The FallHotel Blöedel03:47Perverted by LanguageLine
06Marc RileyViolins 4:00Jumper Clown 7" In Tape
07SwansSensitive Skin06:05FilthZensor
08Hit ParadeHere´s What You Find In Any Prison02:50Bad News Crass
09Sex Gang ChildrenMaurita Mayer03:30Play With ChildrenClay
10Red Guitars Fact!04:20Fact! 7"Self Drive Records
11Virgin DanceAre You Ready (For That Feeling)02:50Are You Ready (For That Feeling) 7"Probe Plus
12The Farmer´s BoysMuck It Out03:25Muck It Out! 7"EMI
13Chevalier BrothersDemo03:10DemoDemo
14HysteriaOblivion03:30Life Is A Joke CompilationWeird System
15Tana Emmolo-Smith Prescient Dreams06:33Prescient Dreams 7"Subterranean Records
16BlitzSolar03:00Solar 7"Future