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Sendung vom 03.04.2000

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Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface)

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01 LeatherfaceSour Grapes4:04HorseboxBYO
02 Frankie StubbsSecond Hand Suit3:21Live Im Studio
03 LeatherfaceWatching You Sleep2:42HorseboxBYO
04 LeatherfaceLorrydriver´s Son4:22HorseboxBYO
05 Frankie StubbsWaxing Lyrical4:20Live Im Studio
06 LeatherfaceSoundbites2:51HorseboxBYO
07 LeatherfaceKill DJs4:12HorseboxBYO

Sendung vom 10.04.2000

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01 GenevaMuseum Mile7:32Weather UndergroundSony
02 GenevaTranquiliser3:51FutureNude
03 Ian BrownSet My Baby Free5:45Golden GreatsPolydor
04 The Montgolfier BrothersEven If My Mind Can´t Tell You6:44Little Darla Has A Treat For YouDarla
05 State River WideningInterlaken4:24State River WideningRocket Girl
06 Day OneLove On The Dole5:02Waiting For A BreakMelankolic
07 SmogJustice Aversion5:37Dongs Of SevotionDomino
08 Catie CurtisFalling Silent In The Dark4:04Katie CurtisRyko
09 Michelle ShockedJoy3:29Good News(Demo)
10 The CurePictures Of You7:25ShowFiction

Sendung vom 17.04.2000

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01 ClinicTK3:33Internal WranglerDomino
02 ClinicGoodnight Georgie2:58Internal WranglerDomino
03 Velvet BellyTrick3:55LuciaBMG/RCA
04 AlogTheme From Peeping Toad8:00Love Comes Shining Over The Mountains SamplerRune / ECM
05 BroadcastUntil Then4:14The Noise Made By PeopleZomba/Warp
06 Free DesignButterflies Are Free3:27UmbrellasSiesta
07 BroadcastEcho´s Answer3:48The Noise Made By PeopleZomba/Warp
08 The All Seing II Walk5:56Pickeled Eggs And SherbetLondon
09 Orange Cake MixOut Of This World5:23Little Darla Has A Treat For YouDarla
10 Third Eye FoundationLost9:30Little Lost SoulDomino
11 Boss HogGet It While You Wait4:23WhiteoutCity Slang