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Nachtclub: No Wave vom 03.08.1984
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01FangRed Threat01:19Life Is a JokeWeird System
02Savage CircleDogs Of War01:57Life Is a JokeWeird System
03InocentesMiseria E Fome02:36Life Is a JokeWeird System
04HysteriaOblivion04:08Life Is a JokeWeird System
05Civil DissidentThe Buck Stops Here03:26Life Is a JokeWeird System
06Riot Squad S.A.Capital Investment02:10Life Is a JokeWeird System
07RazziaDer Söldner03:21Life Is a JokeWeird System
08Terveet KädetSota (Endless Version)00:43Life Is a JokeWeird System
09Terveet KädetMessage01:24Life Is a JokeWeird System
10ShIt S.A.Fuckin´ Shit01:28Life Is a JokeWeird System
11FearBeef Boloney01:45The RecordSlash
12Agent OrangeLiving In Darkness04:08Living In DarknessPosh Boy
13Peter & The Test Tube BabiesLet´s Burn03:50The Mating Sound of South American FrogsTrapper
14Radio BirdmanDescent Into The Maelstrom04:22Radios AppearSire
15EA 80Hello Goodbye02:45Vorsicht SchreieEA 80
16Neurotic ArseholesVerloren & Vergessen02:30...bis zum bitteren EndeAgressive Rock Produktionen
17Ultimo ResortsUna Guerra Sin Fondo02:30 Una Causa Sin FondoFlor Y Nata

Sendung vom 13.08.1984

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01The OppositionWar Games04:00Breaking The SilenceVirgin
02The Mighty Wah!Weekends03:00A Word to the Wise GuyBeggar´s Banquet
03Frankie Goes to HollywoodLove Has Got A Gun03:30The Zulu CompilationZulu
04Wah!Seven Minutes To Midnight04:00Seven Minutes to Midnight 7"Eternal Classic
05The MilkshakesHippy Hippy Shake02:0020 Rock And Roll Hits of the 50s and 60sAce
06The OutcastsSeven Deadly Sins02:43Seven Deadly Sins EPNew Rose
07BarracudasStolen Heart02:50Mean TimeCloser
08The DickiesRosemary03:00Stukas Over DisneylandCloser
09Rank & FileSound Of The Rain03:35Sound Of The Rain 7"Slash
10The BeatitudesThe Frozen Seas Of IO02:59The Grace Of MysteryTwang
11The OutcastsFive Years03:20Seven Deadly Sins EPNew Rose
12Silent RunningSticks & Stones04:10Shades Of LibertyEMI
13The DamnedNasty03:20Thanks for the Night 7"Damned
14Anorexic DreadTracey´s Burning04:00Tracey´s Burning 7"Criminal Damage
15Executive SlacksOur Lady03:35You Can´t Hum When You´re DeadRed
16Red Lorry Yellow LorryMonkeys On Juice03:45Monkeys On Juice 7"Red
17Girls From TahitiReturn Of The Heroes03:00Tower Of LoveR.F.

Sendung vom 27.08.1984

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01Exit Out(Oh Boy) That Line Is Engaged03:00Peruse PranksterNo! Stylgia Records
02The NomadsLowdown Shakin´ Chills03:37Where the Wolf Bane BloomsAmigo
03RagnarökOmen05:253 Signs EPSilence
04Miners Of MuzoMake Me A Puppet05:22In Surf Of Fish EPEksact
05Miners Of MuzoGod Apprentice05:30In Surf Of Fish EPEksact
06The Mighty Wah!The Lost Generation03:25A Word to the Wise GuyBeggar´s Banquet
07Public Image Ltd.The Order Of Death04:50This Is What You Want... This Is What You GetVirgin
08ADSWhen I Was Younger03:20Nosferatu Festival SamplerNosferatu
09Heera & The Common SenseLuxury Flat 10904:15Demo Maerz 84Ideen - Taten - Erfolge
10Sex Gang ChildrenDieche03:45Ecstasy and Vendetta over New YorkIlluminated
11Section 25New Horizon05:00Always NowFactory
12Section 25Looking From A Hilltop04:30From the HipFactory
13JoolzPaved With Gold04:05The Kiss 12"Abstract

Nachtclub: No Wave vom 31.08.1984
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01Foetus Over FriscoBirth Day06:00Custom Built for Capitalism EPSelf Immolation
02Foetus In Your BedPrimordial Industry05:17An Afflicted Man´s Musica BoxUnited Dairies
03Foetus In Your BedIndustrial Go Slow03:43An Afflicted Man´s Musica BoxUnited Dairies
04The Crawling ChaosSkaill05:00The Big CRough Trade
05You´ve Got Foetus On Your BreathNew York Or Bust02:00DeafWomb
06You´ve Got Foetus On Your BreathIs That A Line?07:09DeafWomb
07Psychic TVNursery Times05:23Berlin Atonal Vol. 1Atonal
08LaibachBoji08:00Boji / Sila / Brat MojLes Disques Du Crepuscule
09Déficit Des Années AntérieuresMitsuko On Cover06:20Action And Japanese DemonstrationIllusion Production