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Sendung vom 04.09.2000

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01 The Wave RoomOne For The River5:19Love MedicineBella Union
02 Electroscope with Mount Vernon Arts LabSkymen5:447”Boa Records
03 AC AcousticsShe Kills For Kicks6:56Understanding MusicCooking Vinyl
04 KimonophonicSuper Highway2:077”Earworm
05 AvrocarUeno6:28CinematographyEarworm
06 The Apples In StereoBehind The Waterfall3:047” BEarworm
07 PennyeachGracie4:527”Shifty Disco
08 MahoganyLight Will Deserve A Place6:12In The Presence Of The CrepuscularAmberley
09 HoleCredit In The Straight World3:34Live Through ThisCity Slang
10 Young Marble GiantsCredit In The Straight World3:05Salad DaysVinyl Japan
11 PinbackRousseau1:38This Is A PinbackCutty Sark
12 Sigur RósFlugfrelsarinn6:07Agaetis ByrjunFatCat

Sendung vom 11.09.2000

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01 The Last Days Of AprilTwo Hands And Ten Fingers5:59Angel YouthBad Taste
02 EscobarSun In My Eyes4:14‘Til We´re DeadV2
03 StabbObviously Granny5:38(Demo)Demo
04 StabbTired2:49Tired 7” (Demo)Demo
05 The ProtestantsRolling Grapefruit4:59Midnight DynamosCupid
06 KroytShall I Forget6:57LowBP Records
07 PramA Million Bubbles Burst6:33The Owl ServiceDomino
08 SensationEaten By A Shark5:44Yesterday Things Got WorseFirestation Tower
09 The Dandy WarholsBohemian Like You4:0713 Tales From Urban BohemiaCapitol
10 AC AcousticsCrush2:44Understanding MusicCooking Vinyl
11 The Wave RoomLove Medicine5:13Love MedicineBella Union

Sendung vom 18.09.2000

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01 The Magnetic FieldsYeah! Oh Yeah!0:0069 Love SongsCircus
02 And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadBlight Take All0:00MadonnaDomino
03 Giant Sand(Well) Dusted (For The Millennium)0:00Chore Of EnchantmentThrill Jockey
04 Giant SandYer Ropes0:00GlumImago
05 Bobby GaylorTommy The Frog Killer0:00Fuzzatonic ScreamAtlantic
06 Elliott SmithRoman Candle0:00Roman CandleDomino
07 Mojave 3Return To Sender (7” version)0:00Excuses For Travellers4AD
08 SlowdiveSouvlaki Space Station0:00SouvlakiCreation
09 The Go-BetweensWhen She Sang About Angels0:00The Friends Of Rachel WorthClearspot
10 Tom VerlaineTrue Story0:00Words From The FrontVirgin
11 WhistlerHappiness0:00Faith In The MorningWiiija

Sendung vom 25.09.2000

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01 AC AcousticsChinese Summer5:55Understanding MusicCooking Vinyl
02 The ChameleonsHere Today5:22StripParadiso
03 Giant SandNo Reply5:10Chore Of EnchantmentThrill Jockey
04 Juliana HatfieldUntil Tomorrow5:37Beautiful CreatureZoe
05 Juliana´s PonyTen Foot Pole4:01Total System FailureZoe
06 HefnerGood Fruit3:51We Love The CityToo Pure
07 ShivareeLunch5:26I oughtta give you a shot in the head for making me live in this dumpCapitol
08 Lyka ValemoTied Down6:40DemoDemo
09 A Guy Called GeraldBeaches And Deserts5:20EssenceStudio !K7
10 Red SnapperAlaska Street5:08Our Aim Is To Satisfy Red SnapperWarp
11 Bob HundAllt Pä Ett Kort2:30Bob Hund Sover AldrigSilence