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Sendung vom 13.10.1983

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01 Matthew Best32nd Piano Concerto In A Minor00:30The WhipKamera
02 BrigandageHide and Seek03:50The WhipKamera
03 Soldiers of FortuneStars04:10Stars 7"Total Darkness Productions
04 The AlarmThe Stand03:40DeclarationCBS
05 The London CowboysStreet Full of Soul02:40Street Full Of Soul 7"Flicknife Records
06 King KurtZulu Beat03:55Ooh Wallah WallahStiff Records
07 The Minny PopsA Secret Story02:09Secret Story 7"Factory
08 Gothic GirlsOutrage03:25Outrage 7"Backs Records
09 Echo & The BunnymenNever Stop03:32PorcupineWEA
10 Sal ParadiseLiving In A Dream Boat03:20Living In A Dream BoatAriola
11 The Catch25 Years03:45Balance on WiresMetronome
12 Blue ChinaTomorrow Never Knows02:40Tomorrow Never KnowsElectric Unicorn
13 The BoxNo Time For Talk02:45Muscle OutGo! Discs
14 Dave Sex GangThe Whip04:10The WhipKamera
15 Hunters & CollectorsSway05:54The Fireman´s CurseVirgin
16 GorpThe Cross03:49The Wild Men Of Gorp! Beet Bop
17 NicoOrly Flight03:37Drama of ExileLine
18 The WaterboysGala09:46The WaterboysAriola

Sendung vom 27.10.1983

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 Public Image LTD.Public Image02:58Public Image: First IssueVirgin
02 The MobThe Mirror Breaks03:45Let the Tribe IncreaseAl the Madmen
03 Sisters of MercyTemple Of Love03:50Temple Of Love 7"Merciful Release
04 Danse SocietyWake Up03:50Heaven Is WaitingAriola
05 Family FodderPlaying Golf04:25Sunday GirlsCrammed
06 Morgan FisherUn Homme et une Femme02:45SeasonsCherry Red
07 Polyphonic SizeNight Is Coming On04:00Live For Each MomentSandwich Records
08 The StranglersLa Folie06:06La FolieEMI
09 IndochinaL´Aventurier03:50L´AventurierClemence Melody
10 The MembersWorking Girl04:08Uprhythm, DownbeatDGG
11 SnakefingerThe Spot03:00The SpotRalph Records
12 The FallNew Puritan07:10Totale´s TurnsRough Trade
13 Violent Femmes Add It Up04:44Violent Femmes Rough Trade
14 The WhoDreaming From The Waist03:50The Who by NumbersPolydor
15 The AlarmFor Freedom03:25The Alarm EPI.R.S.
16 Code 7Talk03:35 Talk EPCode Music