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Sendung vom 05.11.2001

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 In The NurseryAngelorium6:20EngelITN Corporation
02 SpiritualizedOut Of Sight7:15Let It Come DownBMG
03 Beige GTL´Attachement4:37Jukebox HeroesL´Age D´or
04 22 PistepirkkoD-Day5:35Rallye Of LoveClearspot
05 22 PistepirkkoBoardroom Walk4:16ElevenSonnet
06 HefnerAlan Bean4:42Dead MediaToo Pure
07 Screen PrintsWrap Up Warm6:00Screen Prints Perfect CityEarworm
08 Pierre BastienRevolt Lover5:00MecanoidReflex
09 The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra And Tra-la-la Band With ChoirThe Triumph Of Our Eyes7:29Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly ForwardConstellation
10 The CharlatansYou´re So Pretty - We´re So Pretty3:58WonderlandUniversal

Sendung vom 12.11.2001

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 Ian BrownFear6:04Music Of The Spheres
02 The FallCrop Dust6:26Are You Are Missing WinnerCog Sinister
03 CastJetstream5:14Beetroots
04 Soundtrack Of Our LivesMind The Gap5:04Behind The Music
05 Her Space HolidayThe Ringing In My Ears5:59Manic ExpressiveClearspot
06 MonostarsWie Aus Papier4:24Stop Making FriendsWhats So Funny About
07 Sing SingÉmigré5:12The Joy Of Sing SingPoptones
08 LushLight From A Dead Star3:08Split4AD
09 LushKiss Chase3:58Split4AD
10 Pale Man MadeClunk Click3:41Future Shape Of Pale Man MadePinch
11 Abstrackt Keal AgramSalad5:24Abstrackt Keal AgramMonospone

Sendung vom 19.11.2001

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 MagooRealist Week0:00Realist WeekRepertoire
02 MagooEast Polar Opposite Can Dream0:00Realist WeekRepertoire
03 MagooTelling You Lies0:00The Soerteramic Sounds Of MagooChemikal Underground
04 Gay DadPlane Going Down0:00TransmissionB Unique
05 The FallThe Acute0:00Are You Are Missing WinnerCog Sinister
06 StarsailorGood Souls0:00Love Is HereChrysalis
07 HoodThe Winter Hit Hard0:00Cold HouseDomino
08 The White StripesI Think I Smell A Rat0:00White Blood CellsXL
09 The White StripesOffend In Every Way0:00White Blood CellsXL
10 Clem SnideThe Curse Of Great Beauty0:00The Ghost Of FashionCooking Vinyl
11 GallygowsTandoori´s Choice0:00Give It To HerHouston Party
12 Her Space HolidayLydia0:00Manic ExpressiveWichita/Clearspot
13 GallygowsSenseless0:00Give It To HerHouston Party

Sendung vom 26.11.2001

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 SlamLifetimes0:00Soma
02 ArnoldClimb0:00Poptones
03 Super Furry AnimalsPresidential Suite0:00Sony
04 Super Furry AnimalsThe Turning Tide0:00GuerillaCreation
05 HoodYou´re Worth The Whole World0:00Domino
06 Papa MBeloved Woman0:00Domino
07 Andrew Bird´s Bowl Of Fire11:110:00Ryko
08 BonoboSleepy Seven0:00Tru Thoughts Ninja Tune
09 Bogdan RacynskiMy Love I Love (2)0:00Rephlex
10 FloridaSong For Whatever0:00Whipwray