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01 The Naked & FamousThe Source/The Sun4:45Passive me, aggressive youFiction
02 RadioheadEverything in it´s right place4:11Kid AEMI
03 Fetus ProductionsWhat´s going on4:53FetalmaniaEFA/Normal
04 AnRStay kids4:34Stay KidsHonor Roll Music
05 Moon DuoMazes5:03MazesSouterrain Transmissions
06 Banjo or FrakoutDear me5:53Banjo or FreakoutMemphis Industries
07 MirrorsInto the heart4:22Lights and offeringsSkint/PIAS
08 Orchestral Manoevres in the DarkPretending to see the future3:42Orchestral Manoevres in the DarkVirgin
09 Cut CopyI need you now6:11ZonoscopeModular
10 The Bear QuartetSilent Film6:10Monty PythonAdrian Recordings