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01 Echo LadiesNothing ever lasts03:23Nothing ever lastsHybris
02 Echo & the BunnymenThe cutter03:58PorcupineKorova/WEA
03 Big FoxThe fight03:26The fightHybris
04 Big FoxShadows03:26ShadowsHybris
05 Hey ElbowBack to reality03:39Back to realityAdrian Recordings
06 EasyI can tell you why03:38A heartbeat from eternityA turntable friend
07 The CardigansPlease sister04:28Long gone before daylightStockholm
08 The TomboysTell me why03:51To the dreamThe Tomboys Records
09 IslandRide03:54Feels like airFrenchkiss
10 Glass MountainsGhosts04:13Wow and flutterHide & Seek
11 New Model ArmyVengeance03:56VengeanceAbstract
12 HookwormsOpener08:37MicroshiftDomino