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Sendung vom 05.06.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 DovesRise6:48Lost SoulsHeavenly
02 Speedranch^Jansky NoiseTo Abandon, Eliminate & Destroy4:341-8 Split SeriesFatCat
03 ColdplayFor You6:16Shiver EPParlophone
04 GrandaddyMiner At The Dial-A-View6:02The Sophtware SlumpV2 / Will
05 Billy Bragg & WilcoBlack Wind Blowing4:03Mermaid Ave. Vol. 2Eastwest
06 Billy BraggEverywhere5:46Don´t Try This At HomeGo!Discs
07 HefnerA Hymn For The Things We Didn´t Do4:17Boxing HefnerToo Pure
08 IdlewildLet Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)4:03A Hundred Broken WordsFood
09 IdlewildWhen I Argue I See Shapes3:52Hope Is ImportantFood
10 The Nectarine No. 9I´m Doing Fine4:44It Is Just The Way Things Are, JoeCreeping Bent
11 LooperMondo ´775:10The GeometridJeepster

Sendung vom 12.06.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 DovesThe Cedar Room8:47Lost SoulsHeavenly
02 The ChameleonsParadiso6:11StripParadiso
03 The ChameleonsLess Than Human4:45StripParadiso
04 PendikelRiver Man4:19In Search Of A Master In Search Of A Slave - A Tribute To Nick DrakeBlunoise
05 Nick DrakeRiver Man4:47Five Leaves LeftIsland
06 WoodbineTricity Tiara4:09WoodbineDomino
07 The LapseI Vow For Now3:26Heaven Ain´t HappeningSouthern
08 Sleater-KinneyThe Ballad Of A Lady Man4:11All Hands On The Bad OneMatador
09 Sahara HotnightsOur Very Own5:37Come On Let´s PretendBMG
10 DionysosAsshole Car Orchestra3:51HaikuL´Age D´or
11 Janek SchaeferForeground Blink4:471-8 Split SeriesFatCat

Sendung vom 19.06.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 CalcNot Involved4:31It´s A Shifty Disco Thing Vol. 3Shifty Disco
02 IdlewildI Don´t Have The Map2:55Hundred Broken WindowsFood
03 Badly Drawn BoyAnother Pearl5:35The Hour Of BewilderbeastXL
04 DovesBreak Me Gently5:03Lost SoulsHeavenly
05 WeenIce Castles2:35White PepperMushroom
06 WeenBack To Bosom3:39White PepperMushroom
07 Giant RobotCool “Disco” Dan4:43Crushing You With StyleClearspot
08 The LapseHä Chi5:41Heaven Ain´t HappeningSouthern
09 Queen AdreenaI Adore You3:54I Adore You 7”Blanco y Negro
10 Daisy ChainsawLovely Ugly Cruel World2:50Eleven TeenRTD
11 ElasticaThe Way I Like It3:38MenaceDeceptive
12 Sonic YouthSide To Side4:15New York City Ghosts And FlowersGeffen
13 Saint LowWalk On By5:40Saint LowCooking Vinyl

Sendung vom 26.06.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 David Thomas&ForeignersClouds Of You5:47Bay CityKonkurrent
02 The DrumBiff Malibu5:02DiskinMantra
03 China DrumCan´t Stop These Things3:07GoosefairMantra
04 CompulsionMall Monarchy3:15HiFiOne Little Indian
05 Richard AshcroftBrave New World6:26Alone With EverybodyHut
06 SmogDistance8:08Dongs Of SevotionDomino
07 JJ72Snow3:40Snow 7”Lakota
08 ColdplayBigger Better5:18Blue Room EPParlophone
09 The CrashSugared5:14ComfortWarner Finland
10 Roland S. HowardDead Radio4:48Teenage FilmCooking Vinyl
11 Crime & The City SolutionThe Sly Persuaders4:25Paradise DiscothequeStumm