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Musik für junge Leute vom 30.07.1984
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01 Skeletal FamilyLies03:30RecollectRed Rhino
02 Silent RunningCrimson Days03:57Shades Of LibertyEMI
03 Jeremy´s SecretMother´s Lover02:39The Snowball EffectDeep
04 Violent FemmesCountry Death Song05:02Hallowed GroundSlash
05 Green On RedBlue Parade04:30Gravity TalksSlash
06 King Sunny Adé and His African BeatsAse03:34AuraIsland
07 Adams FamilyWar Town05:00Four For OneADI
08 Indians In MoscowThe Bleak Industrial Gits03:42The Bleak Industrial Gits 7"Kennick
09 NadjmaKoolish Baared (Your Heart Is So Cold)03:50Rapture In BaghdadCrammed
10 Under ForMeanwhile06:45Apparently All The SameGry
11 BeforeA Wish Of Life05:00A Wish Of LifeIRMG
12 The FallOh! Brother04:30The Wonderful and Frightening World of The FallBeggar´s Banquet
13 Marc Riley with the CreepersEarwig O´Dowd04:00Gross OutIn Tape
14 Zanti MisfitzLaugh In05:00Heroe´s Are Go!Plate
15 CultSpiritwalker03:30DreamtimeSituation