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01 We were promised jetpacksRepeating patterns04:16The more I sleep the less I dreamBig Scary Monsters
02 FathersonNothing to no one04:45Sum of all your partsEasy life
03 Holy EsqueI am the truth03:03Television/sweetBeyond the frequency
04 Amyl & the SniffersBalaclava Lover Boogie03:41Big attraction and giddy upFlightless
05 IdlesColosssus05:40Joy as an act of resistancePartisan
06 Sleaford ModsDregs02:27Sleaford ModsRough Trade
07 Fucked UpHouse of Keys03:08House of KeysMatador
08 BoundariesAlways a way03:20Always a wayBoundaries Label
09 Of the ValleyGrace03:59Of the ValleyACBMusic
10 NilsonColina04:56News from nowhereNilson Records
11 Animal CollectiveBuffalo Tomato04:49Tangerine ReefDomino
12 Map 71Neonsignquitelife05:53Void AxisFourth Dimension