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01 EstronsKilling your love03:21You say I´m too much I say you´re not enoughGofod
02 The Joy FormidableDance of the lotus04:13AAARTHHassle
03 FlasherMaterial03:58Constant imageDomino
04 MournStrange ones02:40Sorpressa FamiliaCaptured Tracks
05 Honey HahsStop him02:39Dear someone happy somethingRough Trade
06 GenerationCheap Skate02:17Cheap SkateGeneration Records
07 The CoathangersCaptain´s dead03:10ParasiteSuicide Squeeze
08 The CoathangersHurricane02:37Larceny & old laceSuicide Squeeze
09 Cash Savage & the last drinksPack Animals03:55Good citizensMistletone
10 TusqBe happy now03:08The great accelerationOktober Promotion
11 LowFly05:47Double negativeSub Pop
12 LowLullaby09:40I could live in hopeVernon Yard Recordings