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Sendung vom 06.11.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 SilverbullitStar5:29DemoNons Records
02 StabbSomewhat Strange4:25DemoDemo
03 Union KidSilence/Effect4:38Candy Falls Here1970 Recordings
04 LeatherfaceClosing Time3:51HorseboxBYO
05 PJ HarveyHorses In My Dreams6:51Stories From The City Stories From The SeaIsland
06 PJ HarveySheela-Na-Gig4:09DryToo Pure
07 UrgaEscape4:31UrgasmSilence
08 Honey Is CoolWaiting For A Friend3:55Early Morning Are You WorkingRabid
09 LeilaSodastream6:41Courtesy Of ChoiceXL
10 Jane WeaverStarglow - Votel Remix3:02Starglow 7”Pleasure
11 The Dirty ThreeSome Summers They Drop Like Flies7:08Whatever You Love You AreGlitterhouse

Sendung vom 13.11.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 The DelgadosNo Danger0:00The Great EasternMantra/Chemikal Und
02 The DelgadosThe Past That Suits You Best0:00The Great EasternMantra/Chemikal Und
03 Arab StrapGourmet0:00The Week Never Starts Round HereChemikal Underground
04 MogwaiLike Herod0:00Young TeamJetSet/ChemUndergnd
05 The DelgadosPull The Wires From The Wall0:00PelotonMantra/Chemikal Und
06 The DelgadosThe Actress0:00PelotonMantra/Chemikal Und
07 The DelgadosAmerican Trilogy0:00The Great EasternMantra/Chemikal Und

Sendung vom 20.11.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 PJ HarveyA Place Called Home4:53Stories From The City Stories From The SeaIsland
02 The CardigansBlack Letter Day6:16EmmerdaleStockholm
03 Honey Is CoolBolero4:16Early Morning Are You WorkingRabid Records
04 The ConcretesTjyven (The Thief)2:20BoyoubetterunowUp
05 RandosFeels Like A Fall3:19DemoDemo
06 The ConcretesOther Ones4:24BoyoubetterunowUp
07 AlpinestarsYou Rescue3:34B.A.S.I.C.Faith&Hope
08 PortalSecond Thought5:11RepriseRoisin
09 Gorky´s Zygotic MynciLady Fair4:23The Blue TreesMantra
10 WhistlerIt´s Not Too Late4:04Faith In The MorningWiiija
11 Godspeed You Black Emperor!Sleep9:14Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To HeavenKranky
12 PJ HarveyGood Fortune3:29Stories From The City Stories From The SeaIsland

Sendung vom 27.11.2000

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Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01 Cosmic Rough RidersBrothers Gather Round1:42Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine
02 Cosmic Rough RidersThe Gun Isn´t Loaded3:49Enjoy The Melodic Sunshine
03 Teenage FanclubNear You5:09Howdy
04 NadineStill Be There4:59Lit Up From The InsideGlitterhouse
05 Midnight ChoirElectric Rain5:19Unsung HeroineGlitterhouse
06 90 Day MenDial In6:24[It (Is) It] Critical BandSouthern
07 SamiamSunshine3:48Astray
08 Buffalo TomMineral5:32A-Sides From Buffalo TomBeggars Banquet
09 J. Mascis & The FogMore Light6:26More LightCity Slang
10 Lady LuckState Of Mind3:23Life InbetweenLucky 7
11 The FallOcto-Realm / Ketamine Suns5:41The UnutterableEgo Rock
12 StabbTired2:46DemoDemo