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Musik für junge Leute vom 03.12.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01Minimal Compact Not Knowing03:53Deadly WeaponsCrammed
02Conspiracy International OneConquest04:40Conspiracy International One Rough Trade
03Cabaret VoltaireBlue Heat04:00Micro-PhoniesVirgin
04League Of NationsIlluminous04:00IlluminousGlaze
05Frankie Goes to HollywoodLove Has Got A Gun02:45Music For The New DepressionZulu
06Bronski BeatNo More War03:52The Age of ConsentMetronome
07Bronski BeatSmalltown Boy09:00The Age of ConsentMetronome
08Bronski BeatAin´t Necessarily So04:43The Age of ConsentMetronome
09Tom RobinsonWar Baby04:11War Baby: Hope and GloryAbstract
10New Model ArmySpirit Of The Falklands03:30VengeanceRCA
11Billy BraggIsland Of No Return03:54Brewing Up with Billy BraggAriola
12The Jazz ButcherSouthern Mark Smith03:15A Scandal in BohemiaGlass
13Flesh For LuluRestless04:37Flesh for LuluMetronome

Nachtclub: No Wave vom 07.12.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01Debile MentholCrash Que Peut04:30Emile au jardin patrologiqueRecommended
02Zazou/Bikaye/Cy 1Eh! Yaye05:27Noir Et BlancCrammed
03Terry RileyChorale Of The Blessed Day11:23Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two ProphetsKuckuck
04Steve ReichTehillim (Parts 3 & 4)12:27TehellimECM
05Terje Rypdal/David DarlingMelody02:17EosECM
06Joachim KühnTheme02:10DistanceCMP
07Carles SantosBujaraloz By Night07:06PianotracksLinterna Música

Musik für junge Leute vom 17.12.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01Les CollabosTu01:33Les CollabosNew Rose
02Les CollabosBouton D´Or02:47Les CollabosNew Rose
03MKB Fraction ProvisoirePluie Negre02:20M.K.B. / Lucrate MilkRough Trade
05Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsSpeedboat04:34RattlesnakesPolydor
06New Model Army198403:05VengeanceAbstract
07The RedskinsKeep On Keepin´ On05:46Keep On Keepin´ On 7"Metronome
08Robert CalvertStanding On The Picket Line04:45FreqFlicknife Records
09Lemon KittensThey Are Both Dirty11:14The Big DentistIlluminated
10Danielle DaxFortune Cheats04:35Jesus Egg That WeptCartel
11Legendary Pink DotsEight Minutes To Live03:30Faces in the FireBIAS
12Edward Ka-spelEven Now04:02Dance, China Doll 7"In Phaze
13Water MelonFly Me To The Moon04:05Pithecan Thropus ErectusPick-Up
14The Cocteau TwinsBeatrix03:08TreasureVirgin
15MicrodisneyHelicopter Of The Holy Ghost02:00We Hate You South African Bastards!Rough Trade

Nachtclub: No Wave vom 21.12.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01Billy BraggA New England02:10Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo! Discs
02Billy BraggSt. Swithin´s Day03:01Brewing Up with Billy BraggGo! Discs
03Redskins16 Tons03:14Keep On Keepin On! Decca
04Billy BraggIt Says Here04:15Brewing Up with Billy BraggGo! Discs
05The ClashThe Guns Of Brixton03:08London CallingCBS
06The JamLittle Boy Soldiers03:00Setting SonsMetronome
07Billy BraggIsland Of No Return03:30Brewing Up with Billy BraggGo! Discs
08New Model ArmyThe Spirit Of The Falklands03:42VengeanceAbstract
09Billy BraggLover´s Town Revisited01:05Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo! Discs
10Smokey RobinsonThe Tears Of A Clown02:59Make It HappenMotown
11Billy BraggSaturday Boy03:28Brewing Up with Billy BraggAriola
12Billy BraggThe Man In The Iron Mask02:11Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo! Discs
13Billy BraggThe Busy Girl Buys Beauty01:56Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo! Discs

Musik für junge Leute vom 31.12.1984
Interpret Titel Zeit von: Album/EP/Single Label S.
01Siouxsie & The BansheesDazzle05:31Dazzle 7"Polydor
02Under ForImagine Focus05:12Apparently All The SameGry
03Simple MindsWaterfront05:48Sparkle in the RainVirgin
04MKB Fraction ProvisoireMexico Mycenes02:30M.K.B. / Lucrate MilkDisques WW
05Peter & The Test Tube BabiesLet´s Burn03:20The Mating Sound of South American FrogsAggressive Rock Produktionen
06Sideway LookKnowing You From Today05:35Sideway LookVirgin
07The Mighty Wah!Weekends04:00A Word to the Wise GuyBeggar´s Banquet
08New Model ArmyVengeance03:00VengeanceAbstract
09The SmithsWhat Difference Does It Make?03:50The SmithsRough Trade
10Billy BraggA New England02:05Life´s a Riot with Spy Vs SpyGo!Discs
11The FallSmile05:05Perverted by LanguageLine
12The ChameleonsSecond Skin06:50Script Of The BridgeVirgin
13U2Bad06:08The Unforgettable FireAriola
14MecanoAutumnmatic Play02:00Autoportrait Torso